Nursing Homes

Rosewood Nursing HomeContact

Name: Marie Klanang
Phone: 847-772-4522


Ministers of Care bring Eucharist and provide Word and Communion services at area Nursing Homes on a schedule of rotating Sundays. (Rosewood Convalescent Center in Inverness, Alden Estates in Barrington, Sunrise Brighton Gardens and Poplar Creek Village. Commitment is approximately once monthly. To apply, contact the parish office. Interviews for this ministry are scheduled in the summer. Training is required.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers to bring the Eucharist to those in four nursing homes in the area.  We also assist at Mass at Rosewood Home in Inverness. Commitment is typically twice per month.


Nursing Homes are visited each Sunday from 9:30 until finished which is usually about an hour.


A Letter of Appreciation

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