Recovery Prayer

Jesus urges us with his words,”You are the light of the world.” This is a challenge that comes as one of the basic building blocks of our faith. Jesus thought big. He commissions us to take our light far beyond our family, our home, our classroom, our class, our team, our school, our company, our job, our career, our city, our state and our country.

Natural disaster, in the form of powerful storms, has struck once again in the deep south and gulf coast of our country. We particularly hold people in Louisiana, Mississippi,Tennessee, and Alabama in our prayer as they recover from recent tornadoes. We ask that through clean up and recovery efforts these communities will eventually grow stronger through Christ our Lord.

Presider Schedule
Saturday February 25
5:00pm Fr. Ed Fialkowski
Sunday February 26
7:30am Fr. Charlie Bolser, CSV
9:00am Fr. Terry Keehan
11:00am Fr. Denis Carneiro
4:00pm Fr. Paul Sims, CR

Schedule is subject to change

Pope Francis prayer intentions for February 17
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