March 7th, 2021

Our Lenten theme of Now is the Time gives urgency to things both old and new, traditional and contemporary.

We have used the urgency of the season to emphasize a time for familiar Lenten experiences, CHANGE and LISTENING thus far. This week we emphasize TURNING FROM GREED TO JUSTICE.

We hear, not from Mark, but from John in the Gospel this weekend about a dramatic scene in the Temple showing a passionate and angry side of Jesus. He uses the Temple as a metaphor for his very self, one that will be destroyed then rebuilt in three days. This is a foreshadowing of his death and Resurrection.  As we hear this story, let us once again be reminded that the importance of the Lenten journey is to lead us to the rebuilt Temple that is Jesus Christ at Easter. In the midst of this proclamation by Jesus, he is physically aggressive in turning over tables and using cords as a whip to drive people out who are using the sacred Temple as a marketplace.

Parish Mission

A contemporary offering this week is our Parish Mission that comes in the form of a webinar this coming Wednesday at 7:00pm presented by theologian, story teller and internationally known speaker, Jack Shea. It is entitled “Lenten Spiritual Practices During the Pandemic.” Simply email Marsha Adamczyk in our Adult Faith Office at [email protected] to register.

Another contemporary spiritual emphasis is the commitment and focus of Holy Family Catholic Community to the principles of Catholic Social Teaching:

     •  Life itself                                                                                         •  The Dignity of Work

     •  Rights and Responsibilities to Care for Life                                   •  Care for God’s Creation

     •  Community and Family                                                                  •  Assist the Poor as a primary option of our sharing

     •  With a special focus on Solidarity this year.

These seven principles have been cornerstones of our Lenten Social Justice journeys the past several years. This year we are asking for your contribution to stand in Solidarity with The Little Sisters of the Poor and their mission to care for the elderly at St. Joseph’s Home in Palatine.

Please go to our website and click on Lenten Social Justice Project, one of the purple tabs beneath Lent 2021 Information. You can further click on View a List of In-Kind Items that you may be able to help the sisters and residents with. This will be a way of standing in Solidarity with them because, as you browse the list, you will become more familiar with the needs of their specific community.

I became familiar with the following quote that has intrigued me. “We have the resources to fill our need but not to fill our greed.”  The Gospel, Lent and Catholic Social Teaching call us to stand in solidarity with the needy and challenge the greedy.

Gala Thanks

My heart was moved with pride and hope as we celebrated our first virtual Gala this past Saturday evening.  Thanks to all of you who participated in some way and supported this unique effort.

Early results are telling us that it was a great success.  \Specifically, I would like to thank and let you know of some people who worked extra hard this year:

     Gene Garcia for music and production,

     Michael Patti for creative media, web development, and videos,

     Keith Jones, our Auctioneer and

     Bernie Schaeffer, our Director of Operations for overall coordination. 

Please go to the website and click on Gala Program Book for details of many others who assisted, and particularly our generous sponsors. If you have the opportunity, please thank them with your patronage.

Finally, thanks to this year’s Gala Chairs, Chad & Roshny Archer and Cobey & Erich Struckmeyer.

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