Service of Remembrance and Light

Sunday, February 21, 6:00-6:30 PM

As we approach 500,000 deaths in the United States from COVID-19, many of us feel “deprived of peace,” in the words of the Old Testament Book of Lamentations. But we are also reminded that we have hope in the Lord, even in the midst of a life-changing pandemic.

Please join us as we gather in the church parking lot for a short service to remember those who have died, and to proclaim our trust in God, our Light in the darkness of despair.

Please park in spaces in front of the west entrance to the church and tune your car radio to 106.1 FM. Near the end of the service we will have a Celebration of Light event at which we will ask you to turn on your car headlights. You may also, if you wish, get out of your cars to shine your phone flashlight or hold a lit candle (you will need to bring the candle with you.)

If you would like to add names of family members or friends who have died from COVID to our Parish Book of Continual Prayer, please use the button below to submit names. They will be prayed for as a group at the service, as well as at all future masses during the Prayers of the Faithful.

“It is good to hope in silence for the saving help of the Lord.”  Lamentations 3:26

Reminder! 5pm Saturday Mass will be at 4pm this week due to the Gala.
Thank you for your cooperation.