Resources For Families & Teens

Theologian Werner Jeanrond calls family the “first among the institutions of love”, the source of our greatest joys, as well as our greatest challenges.

Families face unique challenges and stresses, as well as opportunities to grow, in light of the COVID-19 crisis. The Family and Teen Faith (FTF) Ministry is committed to supporting families with children between the ages of 3-25, as they face these challenges and stresses by providing practical, vetted, and timely resources and/or direct assistance. These resources, developed as needed to address the needs raised by parents and their children/teens, take many forms, We will also provide resources to help families grow deeper in their love for each other and create family traditions to support the new and on-going evolution of their family identity.

We offer the following resources to help families meet the new challenges they face and unique opportunities to strengthen the bonds they share.

Dedicated office hours hosted by various FTF staff members via Zoom

  • Courtney Smola –
  • Laura Ferlita –
  • Peg Hanrahan – Weekly on Thurs @ 4 pm Meeting ID: 787-7816-1036 Password: DrPeg

Family Faith Facebook group – Updated daily during COVID-19

 Please watch this special video message from Cardinal Cupich to the parents and catechists involved in parish-based Religious Education programs. 

Newsletters chock full of a wide range of vetted resources for Families with children of all ages.

May 24 – May 30th
May 3rd- May 10th
April 26th – May 2nd
April 19th- 25th
April 12th – 19th
March 29th-April 5th

Join Us For Sunday Morning Mass: Mass can be found on the website Home Page or by CLICKING HERE

  • Instagram – @holyfamily.teenfaith – Follow our Instagram account for uplifting posts, tips/suggestions, and announcements to virtual events we’re hosting.
  • Wednesday 8pm Meditations– Live via Instagram Stories, join Grant Guthrie for a short guided meditation and prayer.
  • Thursdays 8pm “What’s on your Mind” via Zoom – Conversation with Amy Hodson and Greg Kaldahl on questions submitted by the teens. Last night we covered “Why would God make us go through a Pandemic?” Here are the notes from last night:

    Next week we’ll be discussing God’s Will vs our will and things we can be doing to strengthen our faith during this isolation period. (In addition to any others that might be submitted)

What’s on your Mind Zoom Link:

  • Virtual Drop-In Nights – We’re working to bring your teens a virtual version of our bimonthly Drop In Nights. These will take place via Zoom and will happen on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month at 7pm. Look for future emails in regards to activities planned for these evenings. Drop In Night Zoom Link:


GIANT LIST OF IDEAS FOR BEING HOME WITH KIDS – originally created by the Princess Awesome & Boy Wonder Community.

Pay it forward – This is a living document YOU can now add to and share with friends and family.

Several short simple prayer experiences families can do at home. Step- by-step instructions provided along with links for music, short reflection videos and downloadable scripture texts.

Bedtime and Night Prayers
Bedtime Prayer 1
Bedtime Prayer II
Bedtime Prayer III- A Prayer of Blessing
Bedtime Prayer IV
Night Prayer I – Psalm 4

Family Rosary
Praying A Family Rosary
Quick Guide For Praying The Rosary With Children
Joyful Mysteries for Children
Sorrowful Mysteries for Children
Glorious Mysteries for Children
Luminous Mysteries for Children
How To Say The Rosary
Meditations for the Mysteries of the Rosary for Young People

Chaplets – A Form of Christian Prayer which uses Prayer Beads
Divine Mercy Chaplet Amended for Children
Holy Family Chaplet
What is a Chaplet
Chaplet of St. Patrick
The Holy Spouses Rosary
The Rosary in honor of St Joseph
Creating Your Own Chaplet

Centering Prayer
Centering prayer I – For Teens and Adults

The Examen
Praying the Examen

Praying with the Scriptures
Lectio-Divina with Little Ones
Psalms for Young Children
Inclusive Language Liturgical Psalter
Litany Based on Psalm 136

The Litany –  A Prayer Form Rediscovered
Creating Your Own Litany
Contemporary Litany of Mary of Nazareth
Litany of Wholeness
Inclusive Litany of the Saints

Ritual prayers with basic Catholic symbols
Praying with the Cross: 
Praying with the Cross I
Praying with the Cross II
Prayer of St Francis Assisi before the Cross


Coming Soon:
Blessing Prayers
Guided Meditations

Family Traditions Help Kids Make Sense of Life by Justin Couison

What Every Child Needs Right Now by Justin Couison

What Parents Should Know as States Reopen From … published in the New York Times on May 15 and updated on May 17  If this link doesn’t work try 

What Parents Should Know as States Reopen  By Annie Sneed  

Resources for Helping Kids and Parents Cope Amidst COVID-19

Website published by the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.  Wide ranging list of resources covering many topics. Resources for children with special needs included.