Lenten Social Justice Project

Sue Geegan

Each year during Lent, Holy Family Catholic Community takes on a social justice project to support a mission church or organization in need. We educate the parish about a specific issue and offer prayers, fasting and alms-giving in support and solidarity.

Holy Family Catholic Community has partnered with Catholic Extension Society to support mission dioceses throughout the United States and other foreign countries, where the needs are great and the Church is growing. Our efforts have also supported JOURNEYS the Road Home, a local agency working with people in a homeless situation or on the verge of becoming homeless.

In 2018, walk with us along "Peaceful Pathways".

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We're joining Cardinal Cupich's Anti-Violence initiative (endorsed by Pope Francis) targeting vulnerable, at risk youth in Chicago's most troubled neighborhoods. Although "Anti-Violence" describes our intent, "Peaceful Pathways" describes our approach. Our contributions will support two highly successful local programs: Strong Futures on the south side of Chicago (www.saintsabinapeacemakers.org/strong-futures), and The Peace Corner Youth Center (www.thepeacecorner.org) on the west side.

Through providing a safe physical space, academic help, job counseling, physical activities and a strong support network, both programs work by peacefully rescuing, training and shielding high-risk youth. They arm young people with the fortitude, skills and support needed to avoid the pitfalls of drugs, gangs, and violence. Strong Futures and The Peace Corner Youth Center both have impressive histories and proven results. This Lenten season, we want to help them do even more. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $25,000. The total amount raised will be split evenly between these two programs. Won't you walk the "Peaceful Pathways" with us, too?

"Non-violence requires a double faith: faith in God, and also faith in man"
- Mahatma Gandhi


Past Lenten Social Justice Projects

2017 - San Miguel Archangel Church, Cuba

2017 - San Miguel Arcangel Church, San Miguel de los Banos, Cuba - This Lenten project worked in collaboration with Catholic Extension and was our most successful in terms of donations raising $95,000. This enabled Catholic Extension to provide grant money to not only rehab San Miguel Arcangel Church, but also two chapels in the Diocese of Pinar del Rio - Las Ovas Chapel and Paso Real de San Diego Chapel. St. Rosendo Cathedral also received grant funding to complete their renovations. To date, all projects are moving along quite well as the both chapels are very close to completion and St. Rosendo Cathedral is moving ahead of schedule. San Miguel Arcangel is also moving along well as they continue to gather the materials needed for completion. The bell tower has been removed as they begin its rebuild. Thankfully, all four structures received little damage from Hurricane Irma.

2015 St. Mary's Mission Church and School
2014 - St. Paul Mission Church in McKee, KY