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What makes JOURNEYS unique?

journeys-canoeIt is a joint venture between Chicago Voyagers, one of Holy Family’s newest outreach partners, our sharing parish St. Malachy-Precious Blood and our Teen Faith ministry. There is no other such venture in the Archdiocese of Chicago.

The Parish Sharing program, “builds bridges between parishes that differ in race, ethnic backgrounds, economics, and geography.”  Our sharing parish, St. Malachy -Precious Blood unites African American and Latino Catholics on the west side of Chicago. This past spring, thanks to the work of Teen Faith catechists Stephanie Hagan and Gretchen Kozlowski, twenty (20) teens from Holy Family attended Mass at St. Malachy-Precious Blood and then joined their peers for an engaging conversation over breakfast about teen life in both faith communities. The only question at the end of that eventful morning was, What’s next?’

The answer: JOURNEYS – an outdoor adventure program helping teens in both faith communities

  • journeys-bikingBuild self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Nurture self-reliance, initiative and personal responsibility
  • Discover common ground in the midst of diversity
  • Foster the building and sustaining of effective relationships
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Promote the purposeful use of leisure time
  • Expand connection with the natural world
  • Cultivate an appreciation for and recognition of the divine in nature
  • Encourage teens to deepen their relationship with Christ


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Upcoming Trips

Join us on our canoeing expeditions in July! Check out our official trip website for more information or to register!

Pictures of Past Events

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