How to access Family & Teen Faith Lesson Plans

Family and Teen Faith classes meet 19 times during the year for a total of 28.5 hours of instruction per year. This includes our Festivals and some in-class service projects.  Most other parishes in the area require 33 hours of religious instruction on average per student per year.  Additional time is required of those preparing for sacraments both here at Holy Family and in our neighboring parishes. All of the Confirmation preparation programs in the area also require that candidates do community service and attend at least one retreat (the parishes that celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation in high school are all two year programs requiring community service and attendance at a retreat in both years).

2016-2017 Attendance Policy

Our live are busy and at times unpredictable and absences are to be expected.

  • Family & Teen Faith participants are asked to attend 17 out of the 19 classes for the year.
  • Students in Grades 1-6, IGNITE and FLAME who miss more than 2 classes will be expected to make-up the lesson at home and submit the completed work. Our Adam’s Apple students do not need to make-up missed lessons.

Both for safety reasons and instructional integrity students are expected to arrive on time and stay for the entire class session unless prior arrangements have been made by the parent with the Faith Office.  This includes our teens as well as our younger students.

If a class session is cancelled by the Faith Office parents will be notified and students are NOT expected to make-up that lesson.


There are exceptions to every rule. Families with unique circumstances requiring special consideration regarding attendance should contact Dr. Peg to make the arrangements that best serve the interest of the child/teen


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