FLAME (Catechesis – High School)


Melanie Tomal
Phone: 847-907-3439


Celebrating the Spirit- Confirmation Prep
FLAME stands for Friendship, Leadership, Acceptance, Ministry and Education.  It is designed for high school teens who want to further their understanding and knowledge of the Catholic faith.  We meet on Sunday evenings starting with the 4 pm Mass followed by small groups led by adult facilitators and Peer Ministers.  Our small groups are current, in touch with everyday life and flexible to meet the different needs of each group. FLAME sessions are one component of “Celebrating the Spirit”, the Holy Family Confirmation preparation program. FLAME has two retreats, one for each year of the program.  See Links section for more information on retreats.


FLAME I Retreat: January 14-15
FLAME II Retreat 1: January 28-29
FLAME II Retreat 2: February 25-26

FLAME I Retreat

Putting the pieces together: How life & faith connect
An Online Individual Confirmation Retreat

FLAME II Retreat

Schedule and Lesson Plans
2016 2017
Date Lesson Date Lesson
September 18  Revelation
Revelation – Catechist Handout
Revelation – Teen Handout
January 8  Christian Initiation
Christian Initiation – Catechist Handout
Christian Initiation – Teen Handout
September 25  Covenant
Covenant- Catechist Handout
Covenant – Teen Handout
January 22 Who is God and what is His plan for me?
Vocation – Catechist Handout
Vocation – Teen Handout
October 2  Relationships
Relationships – Catechist Handout
Relationships – Teen Handout
February 12  Human Sexuality
Human Sexuality/Dating – Catechist Handout
Human Sexuality/Dating – Teen Handout
October 16  Service Fair
Service Fair – Catechist Handout
Service Fair – Teen Handout
February 26 An Overview of the Bible
(FLAME 1 only)
An Overview of the Bible – Catechist Handout
An Overview of the Bible – Teen Handout
October 23 Faithful Citizenship
Faithful Citizenship – Catechist Handout
Faithful Citizenship – Teen Handout
March 5 Reconciliation
Reconciliation – Catechist Handout
Reconciliation – Teen Handout
November 6   Spirituality (Saints)
Spirituality (Saints) – Catechist Handout
Spirituality (Saints) – Teen Handout
March 12  Abrahamic Religions
November 13  Conforming Whose Faith
Conforming Whose Faith? – Catechist Handout
Conforming Whose Faith? – Teen Handout
March 19 Parish Mission
(FLAME 2 only)
November 20 Worry, Stress, Anxiety
Worry, Stress and Anxiety – Catechist Handout
Worry, Stress and Anxiety – Teen Handout
April 2 Religion and Science
December 4 Depression and Suicide
Depression and Suicide – Catechist Handout
Depression and Suicide – Teen Handout
Depression and Suicide- Powerpoint Presentation
 April 23  Wrap-up
December 11  Mary and Women in the Church
Catechist Handout – Mary and Women in the Church
Teen Handout – Mary and Women in the Church
Miriam of Nazareth – Woman of Faith or Christian Icon
December 18  Gifts
Gifts — Catechist Handout
Gifts — Teen Handout


FLAME Service

Both FLAME 1 and 2 students are required to do 20 hours of service per year in order to practice being the hands and feet of Jesus. They should document these hours on the service log provided below. This form is due on the last day of class.

FLAME Service Log

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are needed in many areas in Teen Faith throughout the year. All volunteers need to be in compliance with the guidelines for volunteers working with youth provided by the Archdiocese of Chicago. Please click on the link below.

Protecting God’s Children Page