Passion Play 2016



Dr. Peg Hanrahan


The Passion Play is a part of our Easter Triduum liturgy. Teens re-tell the story of the passion and death of Jesus through story, song and dance. The young adults at Holy Family breathe new life, each Good Friday, into the ancient practice of presenting the great biblical stories through religious drama.  Passion Plays were performed all over medieval Europe and grew more elaborate over time. Not only part of our past, Passion Plays, are re-enacted regularly in many locations all over the world.

This year we are particularly proud to announce that the 2016 Passion Play script was written by Fremd High Shool senior Julia Dirkes-Jacks. Julia will also serve as our first student director, assisted by Lynn Daugerdas. Kristin Berryhill,  will serve as Musical Director.

In conjunction with the Teen ministry, the play also needs administrative support from adults who will take responsibility for, costumes, props, overseeing set design and building, technical aspects of the show and stage and house management.  This event anticipated by the Holy Family community each year, as a highlight in our Liturgical Life, will take place on Friday, March 25. There will be four performances 9 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, and 7 pm.

Email for more information. You can also follow their online presence on Twitter and Instagram @passionplay2k16