Creative Sewing


Name: Bonnie Kuch
Phone: 847-354-3256
Name: Vicki Peters
Phone: 847-907-3441


The Creative Sewing ministry began with a group of talented ladies who made decorations, gifts, artwork and handouts for the entire parish family.  Today, the group is similarly talented and concentrates on liturgical items. We think of ourselves as the supportive and comforting arm of several Leadership communities and for anyone else at Holy Family who needs the support that we can provide.

  • Our hand and machine embroiderers make pillow slips that proclaim “Lay your head upon our prayers” and our fleece lap blankets say, “Feel the warmth of our prayers.”
  • Our needle arts members knit and crochet prayer shawls to comfort those in hospitals, nursing homes and homebound. Prayers have been said on behalf of those who receive the shawls.
  • We also have chemo caps for those who are undergoing cancer treatment.  If you would like to have one of these support items for an ill family members, please call the parish office or the contacts listed at the top of this page.
  • We provide Baptismal bibs and stoles (for older children) that are given to our newest parish members during the Baptismal rite.
  • At Easter when new Catholics are welcomed into our parish community, we hand embroider the names of the RCIA group onto a special linen altar cloth used throughout the Easter season.  This tradition started in 1988.
  • Several of our members are active in a program that repurposes grocery bags into sleeping mats for the homeless.

We welcome all to our ministry.

Volunteer Opportunities

We have daytime meetings or members can work from home.