October 2018

Fr. Terry Keehan

Keeping Their Legacy Alive

     As October dims and November brightens, we turn to a time of tapping into saints, spirits, costumes and remembering our deceased heroes and loved ones. The original idea of this time is rooted in All Saints Day which we celebrate this coming Thursday, and the “Hallowed” or Holy “Eve” that we have come to …

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Greatness as a Servant Model

     How do we measure greatness? What makes us great?  In this weekend’s gospel, Jesus reflects a servant model of greatness. The gospel focuses on two brothers, James and John, the sons of Zebedee. Their request brings to light our natural human desire to be approved of and rewarded in worldly terms. These two disciples …

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Fr. Terry Keehan

Jesus Challenges Us

As October peaks this weekend, I am reminded that there are seven weeks left in our liturgical year. Sunday, December 2nd marks the beginning of Advent, and these remaining weekends give us continued messages from the Gospel of Mark that will help us reflect on some of the most important tenets of our faith. These …

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