November 2018

Fr. Terry Keehan

Christ Is

What kind of king is Christ?  For some, the title given to the savior of the world makes sense.  For others, including myself, we have to do a little theological and spiritual work to see Christ as a king.  We are probably overrun by powerful, if not negative, images and experiences of kings and this …

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Fr. Terry Keehan

Welcoming, Hospitality, Formation

I believe that Welcoming and Hospitality are among the greatest Christian virtues. Official Catholic teaching does not list them as such, but welcoming the stranger ( Matthew 25:35) and hospitality (Genesis 19:1-15) are compelling stories that both carry out and create a mission of expansion, growth and reaching out to newcomers and making friends feel …

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The Most Important Commandment

This weekend we hear an essential passage from Mark’s Gospel. It is one in which Jesus is asked a crucial question: which of all the commandments, is “first” and most important? Jesus’ response is immediate and direct as he points to the love of God, and that the love of neighbor is essentially a part …

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