November 2016

Fr. Terry Keehan Holy Family Inverness Light in Christ

Renew My Church (and the Cubs)

Wow!  What a month November has been.  We have been on a very emotional ride between the Cubs winning their first world series since 1908, and a very hotly debated election that has yielded new leadership in many key positions, most notably the presidency.  The campaigning and the election have brought continued, sharp political division. …

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Past, Present, Future

The Feast of Christ the King this weekend brings a simple yet moving scenario of Jesus and the two criminals on crosses in a conversation that is short but very meaningful.  There are many ways to look at the comments from each of the three.  I would like to suggest that they reveal something about …

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November’ing is a word that combines the eleventh month of the calendar year and the spiritual exercise of remembering our departed loved ones, and the departed who have been more formally recognized by the Church as saints.  Each one of us also has our own saints who have given us example and inspiration, reminding us …

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Why Would We Be Denied Heaven?

Ever wonder what heaven is like?  Ever really spend some time thinking or praying about the experience of heaven – I mean REALLY thinking about it and not just worrying about whether you will get there or not?   I have gone through certain phases of envisioning heaven in my life.  I bet you have as …

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