July 2018

Celebrating St. Mary Magdalene

     We celebrate the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene this weekend. In 2016 Pope Francis elevated her celebration from a memorial to a feast, thus placing Mary Magdalene on par with the male saints who also share a similar place in Church recognition.  Mary of Magdala is mentioned in all four Gospels. She witnessed Jesus’ …

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Fr. Terry Keehan

Ministering to the Sick

Responding with compassion to those who are sick is a universal Gospel mandate. We hear a Gospel passage from Mark this weekend in which the disciples are given authority, by Jesus, to address evil, be compassionate to (anoint) the sick and to cure. From this mandate and many other scripture stories, we hear of and …

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Fr. Terry Keehan

Updates from HFCC: Lenten Social Justice Projects, New Staff, and RCIA

Some of you have asked for updates on our Lenten Social Justice Projects. Sue Geegan has provided regular updates on her Human Concerns bulletin pages and the most comprehensive updates are on our website, holyfamilyparish.org; click Human Concerns then Lenten Social Justice Projects. This portion of our website updates you on the current project, but …

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Fr. Terry Keehan

Our Need for Healing

As we mark and celebrate some core values of our nation this coming week, we are also challenged to reflect on issues that continue to shape those values and issues that arise along the way. One that is capturing so much of our national attention recently involves the separation of families at our borders. Cardinal …

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