Fr. Terry’s Articles

October 25th, 2020

Annual ReportWe work very hard every year at this time to present an annual report to all of you. This report gives financial details as well as other important information about our ministries, programs and activities. It contains statistics but, as I often say, those statistics tell a story. I presented just a part of …

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October 11, 2020 Letter

Mass Updates      •  We are now offering 90 registrations for Mass. Some have expressed confusion as to what this means for a total number of attendees. We have found that a registration can be for one or for several. Consequently, one person or several people is/are able to sit in a pew and still …

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Time, Talent and Treasure

Time, Talent and Treasure are three words associated with our call from God to be the best stewards of His blessings, including the resources we have and those we have developed to make the church and the world better places. At the heart of stewardship is responding to God’s call to spend some of our …

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Walk the Walk and Do the Will

 I know that it has been some time since almost all of you have been on our beautiful campus. Many of you have been here to celebrate Mass, but not able to congregate afterwards because of the current virus restrictions. Some of you might have gotten glimpses of our maintenance staff who have been working …

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Where is the Hope these days? We can always find it in various places and we can all be vehicles for it, but there are many people struggling with a lack of hope on many levels these days. Many of you have shared with me and members of our staff your anxiety, stress and other …

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