Marriage Preparation


Name: Jeannie Parry
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Christian marriage is a lifelong commitment, mirroring the love of God for His people, and it succeeds with the help of the Lord and the entire community.  Holy Family offers a comprehensive program for engaged couples to prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage called “Marriage in the Lord.”  In keeping with our need to be in community, our program is a flexibly scheduled small group format (3-4 engaged couples) held in the homes of our Sponsor Couples, for five sessions.  The program also includes a one-on-one couple review of Catholic Couple Checkup, a premarital inventory.  The topics covered in our program include communication, individual and family of origin, balancing practical issues, spirituality and religion, intimacy and sexuality.  Our “Marriage in the Lord” program is just one of a number of options for meeting the marriage preparation requirement for getting married in the Catholic Church.  Please see our weddding manual under “Marriage Preparation” for other available options.
Natural Family Planning classes are available through the Archdiocese of Chicago.

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